Mother of 2 long suffering kids, both at Uni, both still at home so I can’t be that bad :-)

Some days are silver, some days are stone and some days are just, well least said the better but today has been a mixed day, an orange and green day for me, I colour categorise my days so I can understand whether or not they were good or bad in the following descending order:

Yellow, Green, Orange, Red & Black

It started of pretty bad but I went for a walk and a cool down (it was actually freezing out there) and things got a bit better.  It should be bed time but I’m just coming round so baked some banana bread and have now tidied the kitchen.

I enjoy writing, there are times when I am creative and there are times when I am really not but hey, feel free to read on if you enjoy and feel free to leave if you don’t.  This is for me but am happy to share only please don’t copy it without asking me first.

Take care

Lesley :)

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